• Bangalore Silk Kalamkari Handpainted Dupatta
  • Bangalore Silk Kalamkari Handpainted Dupatta

Bangalore Silk Kalamkari Handpainted Dupatta

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Bangalore Silk Kalamkari Handpainted Dupatta
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Very beautiful Bangalore Silk handpainted Kalamkari dupatta! Lovely woven resham border! 

Kalamkari is not just an art form; it also has cultural and historical significance, often depicting stories from Hindu mythology and folklore. This art form has a rich history and is primarily practiced in the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.It is a depiction of our traditional craftsmanship and heritage. The art form has gained recognition for its intricate designs and vibrant colors and is appreciated both in India and internationally. Firstly the base fabric is typically cotton or silk, which is washed and treated to prepare it for painting. The next step involves outlining the desired design. The artist uses a "kalam" or "Pen"  to do the same. This is done with a mixture of water and a binding agent, often fermented jaggery. Natural dyes are used to fill in the designs. These dyes are made from various plant and mineral sources and include colors like indigo, madder, and turmeric. This one is Srikalahasti Kalamkari is known for its bold lines and vibrant colors. It often features depictions of Hindu gods, mythological scenes, and nature motifs. 

Milk is sometimes used in the Kalamkari painting process as a mordant or fixative to help set and enhance the colors derived from natural dyes. It plays a crucial role in certain stages of Kalamkari art, especially when artists are working with vegetable dyes. It can be used while preparation of the fabric so that the colours stay on it or it may be used to fix the colours once done so that the design remains fresh and vibrant. Hence the natual Kalamkari made with the traditional process may also have a peculiar smell of milk and that is the mark of authenticity. So always notice the smell of the fabric when you buy one.

Length 2.5mts

This is hand stock and can be shipped the same day or next day. Can be delivered within 3-5 days in India. We also do International shipping.


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