• Chanderi saree with traditional bagh handblock print - Beige
  • Chanderi saree with traditional bagh handblock print - Beige
  • Chanderi saree with traditional bagh handblock print - Beige

Chanderi saree with traditional bagh handblock print - Beige

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Very beautiful Chanderi cotton silk saree with traditional handblock bagh print from Madhya Pradesh. With blouse
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Very beautiful handwoven Chanderi saree with thin zari border is handblock printed with "Bagh" print motifs. These designs are printed by hand and the use of maroon and black colours are prominent which are also organic colours and natural. Very elegant and evergreen classic. Each comes with a blouse of its own that also has the same border as the saree. Here we have also combined additional Ajrakh handblock print blouse in natural organic colours. 

Bagh print is a traditional Indian handblock printing technique from Madhya Pradesh. The origins are unknown but easily its more than a 1000 year old craft. The printing is done with wooden block which have been passed on from generations. The name Bagh is derived from the village of the same name located on the banks of river Bagh. The motifs are once again a combination of geometric patterns, paisleys and flowers. The original Bagh is done in proximity to this river as the chemical composition of the water of Bagh river enhances the texture of the vegetable dyes used and gives them slight shine and that is what distinguishes Bagh done in Bagh village from other areas of Rajasthan or even Madhya Pradesh. The process involves the preparation of the fabric by first washing for hours in running water and then soaking it in rock salt, goat dung and castor oil. Then its pre dyed in Harara that gives a off white colour to the fabric. Then the printing is done using the wooden blocks. Some of these blocks are in use since more than 200-300 years. The dyes used in printing are all natural and extracted from iron, jaggery, tamarind and so on. After printing once again thorough washing is done followed by fixing the fabric by putting it in bhatti where the fabric is boiled in the mixture of water, alizarin and Dhavda flowers. This is done for 5-6 hours and then later the fabric is bleached several times and washed before the finishing is done.


This is hand stock and can be shipped the same day or next day. Can be delivered within 3-5 days in India. We also do International shipping.


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