• Pure Khesh cotton saree with Kantha hand embroidery - White
  • Pure Khesh cotton saree with Kantha hand embroidery - White

Pure Khesh cotton saree with Kantha hand embroidery - White

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Color: White
Pure Khesh cotton saree with Kantha hand embroidery
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Very comfortable and soft saree. Khesh sarees are sustainable. In these handwoven sarees the warp is new yarn and the weft is the yarn obtained by recycling of old fabric. The sarees are then hand embroidered with kantha stitch. Each saree also has a running blouse.

Khesh sarees are one of its kind which its origins in Bengal inspired by truly eco- friendly and sustainable way of weaving. Khesh is in real sense a sustainable weave. Khesh cotton is soft, comfortable and breathable with little coarse textures at places, but surely they will not be pokey. 

In this weaving process, the wrap is of new fiber while the weft is obtained from old pre loved sarees by tearing them up lengthwise. The entire process is lengthy and time consuming. It may sound easy but in real sense pulling out threads from an already existing saree can be time consuming. Once the threads are pulled out lengthwise, they try to match the thread colours of the weft with the wrap thread shade. The wrap remains the same colour throughout the weaving of the fabric while the weft colour may change and that gives little colour gradation and texture to the fabric. That makes the fabric soft and comfortable. This one is more than a thousand year old weaving technique.

Khesh sarees are truly sustainable and also very well qualify as Vegan. The beauty of Khesh lies in creating something better by upcycling already existing and save on resources. 

Length 6.5mts


This is hand stock and can be shipped the same day or next day. Can be delivered within 3-5 days in India. We also do International shipping.

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