• Pure Kota Cotton Bagru Handblock printed Suits
  • Pure Kota Cotton Bagru Handblock printed Suits

Pure Kota Cotton Bagru Handblock printed Suits

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Very lightweight and beautiful pure kota cotton Bagru handblock printed suits. Its a complete set with Kurta, Dupatta and bottom
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Very beautiful and pure cotton handblock print suits. Kurta and dupatta are pure handloom kota cotton fabric while bottom is pure cotton. The block printing style is "Traditional Bagru" - that comes in basic colours of beige, black mustard, maroon and red. All the dyes used in this are natural. Once again the fabric is prepared for printing. For Bagru the natural beige base is kind of mandatory and is done by washing the fabric several times and then soaking the same in "Harda" that dyes the fabric. After once again several washing and drying cycle the fabric is ready for block printing. The "Black" colour is made from Jaggery and iron, the red from alum and iron extracts mixing in different ratio to get different shades and so on. Its a beautiful and hard work involved to make these beauties. And since these are handmade, at times there could be error in printing which are actually true mark of handmade and these little imperfections add to the beauty of the fabric.

The Kurta is Pure Kota cotton and dupatta is also Pure kota cotton. The bottom is pure cotton.

Kurta Fabric 2.5mts

Dupatta 2.5mts

Bottom 2.4mts

Care Instruction: First time Dry clean and then hand wash in cold water

This is our hand stock and can be shipped the same day or next day. Can be delivered within 3-5 days in India. We also do International shipping as well.


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