• Pure Linen Saree with border
  • Pure Linen Saree with border
  • Pure Linen Saree with border

Pure Linen Saree with border

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Soft and comfortable Pure linen saree with border
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Very comfortable and beautiful pure Linen handloom saree with border. The saree has its own blouse. There is additional pure cotton Ajrakh handblock printed blouse done in natural organic colours. Linens are trendy and always look superb. Very versatile and can be worn for most small and casual occasions. 

Linen is one of the oldest fabric known to mankind. Linen fiber is obtained from flax plant through several steps that are involved in separating fiber from the stem. Linen has some distinctive properties like below

Lightweight: making them ideal summer wear

Breathable: the fibers are obtained from flax plant and keeps the body cool

Durable: Linen fibers are durable and long lasting. 

Hypoallergic: It does not irritate skin. Suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Saree length: 6.5mts

Ajrakh blouse: 1mt

This is hand stock and can be shipped the same day or next day. Can be delivered within 3-5 days in India. We also do International shipping.


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