• Soft and comfortable Pure Mul Mul Sarees with embroidered Hearts - Red Wine
  • Soft and comfortable Pure Mul Mul Sarees with embroidered Hearts - Red Wine

Soft and comfortable Pure Mul Mul Sarees with embroidered Hearts - Red Wine

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Beautiful, soft and comfortable pure mul mul handwoven sarees with embroidered hearts allover with tassels
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This one is a beautiful Red wine saree with white embroidered hearts.

Mul sarees, also known as mulmul sarees, are traditional Indian sarees made from mulmul fabric. Mulmul is lightweight, soft, and breathable, making it perfect for hot and humid climates. These sarees are typically woven in plain or simple patterns, often with minimal embellishments.

Mulmul fabric is made from cotton and is known for its softness and lightweight texture. It drapes elegantly and is comfortable to wear, making it ideal for everyday wear, casual occasions, or even as summer wear. These usually feature minimalistic designs or patterns. They may be plain with no additional embellishments or may have simple borders, stripes, or motifs woven into the fabric. The focus is often on the natural beauty and texture of the fabric itself. One of the main advantages of mul sarees is their comfort. The lightweight and breathable fabric make them comfortable to wear, especially in warm weather conditions. They allow for easy movement and are gentle on the skin. These sarees are versatile and can be styled in different ways to suit various occasions.

They can be dressed up with accessories like statement jewelry and embellished blouses for festive events, or worn more casually for everyday wear.

Overall, mul sarees are cherished for their simplicity, elegance, and comfort. Whether worn for daily wear or special occasions, they are a popular choice among women for their timeless appeal and effortless style.

No blouse

Embroidery is not by hand

Care: Gentle hand wash in cold water. Do no Soak, Do not use very hot iron. Best to iron when little damp. Be careful of rough parts of jewellery that could catch on the delicate fabric.

This is hand stock and can be shipped the same day or next day. Can be delivered within 3-5 days in India. We also do International shipping.

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